We will find the real value

Our expert institution is one of the largest in the Czech Republic. We are also licensed to provide expert services in Slovakia. We have broad expertise in the field of finance and can establish the real value of a company, specific assets, or brands and offer financial consulting in the broad sense of the word.

Valuation of Companies & Assets

  • Acquisitions & Divestments
  • Transformations of Companies & Restructuring
  • Intra-Group Relationships
  • Securities
  • Financial Assistance
  • Cash Flow Modelling

Valuation for Tax Purposes

  • Transfer Pricing

Valuation for Financial Reporting

  • Czech & Slovak Accounting Standards
  • Valuation for IFRS Reporting Purposes (e.g. PPA studies)
  • Valuation for IFRS purposes in tourism
  • Hedge Accounting

Support in Litigation and Arbitration Proceedings

  • Litigation
  • Anti-Trust & Regulation
  • Insolvency

Real Estate

  • Real Estate
  • Collective Investments

Valuation of movables

  • Valuation of machinery and technological equipment, etc.

Contact persons

Rudolf Hájek

Senior Manager

+421 233 006 260

Jiří Skotnica

Head of Valuation

+421 233 006 260

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