Supplies and Service

What are supplies and service?

We have been in the business of computer deployment and administration for more than ten years.

We have the commercial experience and technical knowledge needed to combine best practices and software tools leading to successful implementation, updating, and modernization of desktop operating systems in an enterprise environment with minimal disruption to operations and minimal impact on end users and last but not least, with minimal cost.

We are the main service partner of HP and Cisco. However, we also provide support to other hardware vendors.

Supplies and Service Benefits

  • stable, secure, and user-friendly environment on servers and client workstations
  • significant reduction in capital and operating costs
  • virtualization will help fully utilize the hardware performance of the infrastructure, to simplify back up and to restore and recover backups
  • major reserves will enable further development through performance consolidation
  • more flexible development and testing environments

Supplies and Service Features

  • solutions employing the technologies of the world’s leading manufacturers such as Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard, Dell, Fujitsu-Siemens, and others
  • ensuring deliveries starting with simple file servers and proxy servers, but also servers for information systems composed of database servers connected to application servers, and ending with cluster technologies
  • short-term rental and long-term leasing of computer equipment

Contact persons

Martin Zeman

Head of IT Infrastructure & Networking

+420 602 326 791

Roman Zábran

Department Director - IT infrastructure

+420 225 305 154

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