ESG Strategy

We will analyse your current approach to ESG and develop an ESG strategy for you, focusing on key topics for your business.

We will conduct a comprehensive analysis of your existing approach to environmental, social and governance (ESG) to develop a strategy focused on key topics relevant to your business. Our aim is to help you identify potential ESG risks and, with our knowledge of ‘best practice’, assess how your business stacks up against your competitors.

We can also help you gather relevant data that is key to effectively implementing an ESG strategy. If the necessary data is missing, we offer assistance in implementing technology solutions that will enable effective collection of the necessary information.

Our services don’t end with just analysis and data collection; we work with you to implement your ESG strategy into your internal processes. This includes setting specific goals that match your business needs and then regularly evaluating the strategy to ensure your company is achieving optimal ESG results.

Your contact persons

Zuzana Kubíková

Head of Management Consulting
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Anna Pačesová

Head of Corporate Services
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