Amendment to the VAT Act effective from the 1st January 2023

Reduced VAT rate

As of the 1st January 2023 until 31st March 2023, the reduced VAT rate of 10% will apply to transport of persons by cable cars and ski lifts, entry into covered and uncovered sport facilities, swimming pools and to restaurant and catering services.

Limitation of a group of persons liable to register as the VAT payer

Taxable person with the seat or the VAT establishment in Slovakia does not have to register as the VAT payer if the person achieves turnover solely from the supplies of goods and services which are VAT exempt according to Art 37-39. The persons already registered may apply for cancelling their registration.

Definition of unenforceable debt

Amendment changes the definition of unenforceable debt with respect to which the VAT payer may decrease VAT if the debtor does not pay fully or partially.

Correction of deducted VAT in the case of a theft

Correction of deducted VAT in the case of the theft will be lower – with respect to the goods acquired for other purpose than for sale, with the acquisition value up to 1,700 eur, with the useful life over one year, the VAT payer decreases VAT due by a partial amount calculated as the depreciation charges that would apply based on straight line depreciation over 4 years.

Obligation to correct deducted VAT under Art 53b

The VAT payer is obliged to correct deducted VAT if he did not pay fully or partially for the supply of goods or services whereas the person liable to pay VAT was the supplier under Art 69 Sec 1, to the extent to which the remuneration was not paid.

Correction shall be made in the VAT period in which the liability is overdue for 100 days

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