Outsourcing IT

We provide daily management of resources in the form of server operating systems, application servers, applications, support elements, and downstream resources across the enterprise IT/IS infrastructure, including software distribution.

IT outsourcing offers numerous benefits for organisations that require the management and development of their information systems and IT infrastructure. We are available 24/7 and utilise modern management systems and tools to automate administration. By outsourcing, you can enhance the efficiency of managing your environment, coordinate the development of your infrastructure in accordance with the lifecycle of each component, and adhere to agreed service levels (SLAs). IT outsourcing also reduces organisations’ expenses for labour, materials, and system downtime.

Features of IT outsourcing

  • Storage & Backup & Recovery – Data management, backup and recovery.
  • Security & Access – security and access control management, vulnerability management, intrusion protection.
  • System Management – remote OS and application runtime management, patch management, software distribution, remote control, asset management, OS deployment and migration.
  • Virtualization – application and server virtualization.
  • Messaging and Collaboration – resource management and information exchange.
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Martin Zeman

Head of IT Infrastructure & Logistics
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