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Oracle Fusion Human Capital Management is a complex solution for Human Resource managers. It delivers a robust set of best-in-class functionalities, which enable you to increase productivity, accelerate business performance, and lower your cost of ownership. From recruiting and managing talent, to accurately forecasting future workforce needs Fusion HCM enables you to proactively manage HR operations while focusing on strategic business initiatives.

Oracle Fusion Human Capital Management proactively manages HR operations from recruiting, to talent management, to accurately forecasting workforce needs while you focus on strategic business activities.

Fusion was developed based on observed changes in user behavior as an enhancement to existing Oracle application offerings, not as a replacement for existing solutions. Some modules of Fusion may be complementary to solutions such as PeopleSoft, JD-Edwards, and E-Business Suite.


  • Best In-Class Architecture: Allows customers to create, manage and update their business and employee models and associated processes without significant customization.
  • Allows customers to configure and extend the Fusion data model and user interface with business-friendly tools that do not require IT development.
  • Easy Setup and Data Migration: Allows to quickly set up the application and migrate data from existing sources without requiring extensive IT support:
  • Co-existence with AU Applications.
  • Flexible Deployment Options: Allows the choice to license and deploy the software On Premise or subscribe to it as a service delivered by Oracle, or a combination of both.
  • Unifying Personal Processes with Enterprise Processes.


Human Resources

  • View complete picture of employees and take appropriate action to manage a globally integrated workforce.
  • Set goals, career interests, and qualifications.
  • Deliver immediate value by making Talent foundational to all business processes.
  • View past experience, present goals and future potential in one place.
  • Reduce labor & administrative costs with activities mapped to business flows.

Payroll & Benefits

  • Increased productivity.
  • Shorter payroll processing cycles.
  • Reduction in errors.
  • Decreased compliance risk.
  • Groundbreaking process flow manager and dashboards delivering optimal results.
  • Proactive and critical information with detail drill down.

Compensation management

  • Monitor process with real-time analytics.
  • Quickly see existing setup with summaries.
  • Understand the value and costs of their benefits program.
  • Simplified and easy to follow enrollment process.

Performance & Goal management

  • Easy to get to and to do, easy to complete.
  • Ensure that the goals are in line with organizational Guidelines.
  • Ensure alignment with the organization and the team.
  • Assign targets flexibly and Monitor progress.
  • Communicate progress to whom it matters.

Workforce prediction

  • Gain thorough insight to take right decisions.
  • Manage attrition based on facts and what-if scenarios.
  • Identify and predict unknown people risks based on solid business analytics.
  • Streamline labor intensive regulatory compliance.
  • Achieve consistency with unified metrics and reports.
  • Get easier data access through dashboards.

Workforce lifecycle management

  • Apply changes as needed in real time.
  • Individualized intelligent processes that orchestrate a worker’s process based their role and needs which increase his/her productivity.
  • Employees have what they need to complete a process.
  • Workforce process management without need for IT.

Network at work

  • Better employee engagement.
  • Higher research productivity.
  • Lower cost of sales.
  • Grow Sales.
  • Improved customer service.
  • Sharing best practices and better decision making.

Talent management

  • Identify key talent for business success.
  • Increase confidence in promotion and assignment decisions.
  • Assess risk, opportunities and progress.
  • Engage leaders through visual interaction with key data.
  • Extend value of talent reviews deeper in the organization.

Choice of Deployment Options

  • On-Premise (using your infrastructure).
  • Private Cloud (an application provided just for the organization by the provider or the third party).
  • Public Cloud (an application offered and provided to public).
  • Hybrid (a connection between Private and Public Cloud using standardization technology).

Oracle Fusion HCM is suitable for companies of all sectors from the financial sector, media, education and research to technological and commercial companies.

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