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A payroll and HR system that comprehends numbers and payroll exceptionally well. Nugget SW is a professional system that encompasses HR management, payroll processing, and comprehensive employee evaluations.

HR and payroll at a glance

Nugget SW covers personnel management, payroll processing, employee evaluations, and much more. We provide bespoke solutions, and with several modules, we can meet even the most demanding client requirements. In addition to license purchases, we also offer rental and hosting services.

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We have an exceptional grasp of numbers and paychecks. Let our payroll software handle the work for you – accurately, clearly, and reliably.

Don’t worry, you can count on us. Professional payroll software not only simplifies the entry and updating of employee data and deductions but also calculates wages, insurance, contributions, sickness benefits, and produces electronic submissions for the government and more. Additionally, our intelligent individual adjustment system eliminates the need for unnecessary manual input and tedious calculations.

Payroll Nugget SW
Human Resources

Spend more time working with employees and less time on their data – that’s what we’re here for.

Our dedicated HR module will oversee the detailed monitoring and evaluation of your employees from various perspectives. This includes qualifications, professional skills, language proficiency, completed courses and training, medical fitness, and much more.

Human Resources Nugget SW
Human resource management

We can assist you in organizing and maintaining your organizational structure, regardless of its complexity.

Nugget SW payroll and HR software offers an array of human resource management features. It provides a comprehensive catalogue of job positions with meticulous details – from position descriptions to employee qualification requirements and necessary job aids. It also assists in tracking and monitoring the costs of employee upskilling and manages employee benefits seamlessly.

Human resource management Nugget SW
HR Portal

Save time for yourself and your team by digitizing as much HR administration as possible.

Our Employee Portal is a user-friendly and contemporary way to interact with HR data and facilitates communication between employees and the HR department. It enables employees to access and update their personal information, while supervisors can efficiently manage their team’s data. It securely stores HR documents, electronic pay slips, and ELDPs. Moreover, it automatically monitors and notifies you of important events, such as upcoming health check expirations or required training sessions.

HR Portal Nugget SW
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