Technology and digital solutions

Emerging technologies allow companies to do more with less available resources, implement smarter processes that automate many functions.

The subsequent matter pertains to the examination of your enterprise infrastructure. Within the ambit of our services, we engage with clients who are in pursuit of a novel ERP solution. This need arises not solely due to their business expansion and the inadequacy of their current system, or its failure to meet their requirements, but also from a desire to streamline their enterprise infrastructure.

Does your system match your processes and strategy?

Procuring a new system or application, such as ERP/CRM systems, represents a pivotal step for your business, potentially elevating it to a higher echelon. We stand ready to assist you in navigating towards an appropriate decision.

Our approach to ERP analysis commences with an examination of your existing processes and the requisites for the new system. Armed with these insights, we facilitate what is termed an RFP, wherein all requirements – functional, technical, integration, and project management concerns – are meticulously documented. The ensuing phase involves identifying potential suppliers capable of satisfying these stipulated requirements, or alternatively, we undertake the client communication ourselves. This leads to the demonstrations of the shortlisted systems, a collaborative evaluation of the proposals, and the provision of our recommendations.

The process of testing a new technology, system or application

Software application testing is a process dedicated to verifying that the actual software product aligns with the anticipated requirements and is devoid of defects. The objective of software testing is to uncover bugs, discrepancies, or unfulfilled requirements divergent from the initial specifications.

Our service encompasses the entire gamut of application testing, whether pre-production or during successive releases and updates. Utilising test scenarios meticulously crafted by our team to align with your specific needs, we guarantee a seamless testing procedure, minimising any superfluous downtime.

The testing process is orchestrated through the Kanban methodology, with outcomes reported in a format that resonates with your vision. The results of these tests are meticulously documented in systems such as Testrail, JIRA, or Asana. Additionally, GAP analysis is readily available. We routinely disseminate reports on outcomes and recommendations to either the project or development team, contingent upon the organisational structure of the testing in question.

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