Litigation and arbitration support

If you are conducting litigation, we are ready to give you and your counsel all types of economic and expert support.

As we no longer live in the times of Judge Dee, few litigations in which damages are claimed can be decided without expert opinions. It is the amount of damage that is the issue at hand to be determined by an expert, and current legislation also permits either party in a judicial dispute to present an expert opinion as evidence.

In case you have a dispute, we are ready to provide you and your legal representative with comprehensive economic and expert support. We have expert authorization granted by the Ministry of Justice of the Slovak Republic in the area of calculating damages.

You will appreciate our services especially if:

  • You are a law firm and need to support the strategy in a specific case with economic figures or an expert opinion.
  • You need to quantify the damage incurred as a result of the opposing party’s activities.
  • You believe that the expert opinion presented by the opposing party misrepresents facts or suffers from defects and you are considering reviewing that opinion.

What will we be happy to prepare for you?

  • We provide our clients and law firms with accurate, highly professional and tailor-made economic assistance, such as economic arguments to support your pleadings in litigation or arbitration proceedings; we can collaborate in designing your litigation strategy and give you assistance at every stage of litigation.
  • We will prepare an expert opinion to determine the amount of the loss/damage/lost profit incurred as a result of a breach of contract, infringement of intellectual property rights, unfair trading, an unlawful petition for insolvency, maladministration, etc.
  • We can also prepare a review expert opinion to review the procedures and parameters presented in other expert opinions.
  • Expert testimony and argumentative support in litigation and arbitration – an expert opinion is not the final stage of our job and you will be provided with continued support, including an expert appearing before a court or arbitration panel.

Reasons to choose RSM SK

We have prepared a large number of expert opinions for litigation and arbitration proceedings, placing great emphasis on delivering accurate and precise valuations and expert opinions. We support our opinions with accurate arguments and present them in a logical structure, focusing on delivering expert opinions that are convincing and easy to understand. We interact with clients and legal counsel in a highly professional manner, always prepared to robustly defend our conclusions.

Your contact person

Rudolf Hájek

Senior Manager – Business Valuation
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