Transformation and restructuring of companies

Company transformations, whether through mergers, demergers, or changes in legal form, are often associated with preparations for sales, integrating acquisitions into the structures of new owners, or intra-group restructurings.

Mergers, demergers, and changes in legal form are common strategies for transforming companies, either to enhance the management of a business holding company or to align with the requirements of bank financing. Simultaneously, legal conversions can accurately represent the fair values of assets and liabilities in financial reporting.

Given our experience across a wide range of services, we will work with our transactional and tax colleagues to identify the most appropriate method of conversion for you, and in addition to valuation, we can provide you with the additional accounting and tax follow-up services necessary to successfully complete the conversion.

What can we provide for you in this area?

  • Valuation of the dissolving company’s assets and liabilities in a merger by absorption or the formation of a new company.
  • Valuation of a segment of assets in a division by spin-off.
  • Valuation of company assets in the event of a change of the legal form.

We will also prepare for you:

  • Expert reports to review an offer of a merger or review a division project
  • Expert opinion to ensure compliance with the requirement under Section 5a of the Act on Conversions with testing whether the parameters of insolvency under the Insolvency Act are not met.

Collaborating with other departments and partner lawyers, we are able to offer all the services for a successful transformation.

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Rudolf Hájek

Senior Manager – Business Valuation
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