MS Dynamics 365 Business Central

Our team of professionals provides services for all versions of the ERP system Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, implements the system Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and carries out the development of additional functionality according to customer requirements.

We have broad experience with integrating ERP systems with various external systems, using web or distributed services or OData interfaces, as well as direct SQL integration between databases.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is one of a group of applications on the 365 platform, and is a high-performance comprehensive solution for company administration. Business Central boasts a modern user environment and functions that will help you with growth and interconnectivity across your company’s departments. The system allows you to identify business opportunities, improve communication with outside partners and provide the background information required for rapid-fire decisions. For company management, the system offers real-time data in the form of dashboards and graphs, which are integrated with sales modules.

Get your finances in order

Speed up the creation of financial statements and reporting, display financial performance and trends in real time and refine your forecasts. Maintain compliance with rapid, precise and evidence-based receivables and payables.

Make qualified decisions using interlinked data in all of your accounting, sales, procurement, inventory and customer transactions.

Identify patterns of behaviour and trends and gain new insights through in-depth analysis over unlimited dimensions.

Optimise your supply chain

Maximise profitability through complex displays of operations, procurement, production, stock and warehouse administration.

Optimise restocking times using artificial intelligence. For automatic order creation you can use sales forecasts and expected stock levels.

Gain a holistic view of your inventory for just-in-time order fulfilment. Track each transaction and the movement of each item by setting up buffers based on warehouse layout and the dimensions of the storage unit.

Optimise your production capacity and resources to improve production planning and meet your customers’ requirements.

Increase your sales and improve your services

Manage sales processes from beginning to end; provide services of superior quality with a linked overview of customers and associated service operations.

Give priority to sales opportunities on the basis of revenue potential. Monitor all customer interactions and gain supporting information for the best sales opportunities.

Gain a comprehensive overview of your service orders, employee workload and abilities in order to assign resources more effectively and facilitate case resolution.

Implement projects on time and on budget

Plan and monitor your projects in real time using the advanced resource, task and production capacity planning and monitoring functions. Monitor the fulfilment of plans and budgets.

Create, manage and monitor customer projects using timetables and advanced tools for cost calculation and reporting.

Monitor customer invoicing compared to the planned costs of orders and offers.

Consolidate your companies

If you have multiple companies, a consolidated balance report could provide you with an overview of the financial health of your whole enterprise.

A consolidated company combines items from the general ledger of each of your companies into a new one, containing the consolidated data. A consolidated company is basically a container for consolidated data and doesn’t contain any live business data.

Consolidation can be carried out even if Business Central is operating on multiple databases.

Operate your system from wherever you want

You can use the same user environment regardless of where you deploy the system – in the cloud, at your company or a combination of both.

Access the system across Windows, Android or iOS devices utilising mobile access to Business Central.

How we can help you

  • We’ll analyse your company’s processes.
  • In the case of on-premise solutions we’ll install Business Central for you.
  • We’ll set up the system precisely according to your needs.
  • We’ll train your users and provide consultation support.
  • If necessary, we’ll modify or supplement the system with new functions created just for you.

Main features

  • A modern, intuitive and user-friendly system
  • Complexity
  • Easy to interconnect with Office 365
  • Simple system data collection into Power BI
  • Access from anywhere and any device
  • Regular updates

Business Central modules

  • Financial management
  • Sales and marketing
  • Procurement
  • Stock management
  • Maintenance
  • Resource management
  • Project management
  • Reports and analyses
  • Operational control
  • Human resources
  • Production
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Head of Business Applications
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