Process Imporovement

We will provide you with guidance on how to improve your organisation’s performance by identifying activities that do not add value.

The first step towards further improvement is to identify those processes that can be automated. This will speed up processes, reduce the time spent on manual processes and maintain high quality while reducing the error rate often associated with manual work. We’ll provide you with guidance on how to improve your organization’s operations by identifying activities that don’t add value.

So how do we proceed here?

Step 1 – The process analysis consists of collecting data and information during online/in-person workshops based on a planned schedule. Definition of critical processes and expectations. Description of the processes in the current AS-IS format.

Step 2 – Process mapping is the graphical processing of the collected information displayed in a process map in the form of AS-IS, TO-BE and highlighting critical steps known as “bottlenecks”.

Step 3 – Documentation and Recommendations consists of creating process documentation including recommendations, process maps, implementation plan, and visualization of process reengineering and restructuring options.

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Zuzana Kubíková

Head of Management Consulting
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