VAT consultancy

Correctly assessing transactions from a VAT perspective can be complex, which is why it’s crucial to have a team of experts by your side to help you navigate the issues.

Preparation of VAT returns

Our VAT specialists will prepare or revise the VAT return prepared by you. As part of the preparation either revision, the application of VAT in terms of individual transactions in a given tax period is randomly checked, i.e. the details of tax documents, the right to deduct VAT on individual standard transactions, as well as whether VAT is applied in accordance with the VAT Act. We will also ensure that the prepared or revised return is sent electronically to the relevant tax office.

Tax analysis

In the case of more complex VAT issues arising from business practice or planned extraordinary transactions, we also prepare tax analyses for clients in the form of written opinions.

We prioritise the clarity of our opinions and the clarity of our recommendations to you. The opinions prepared by us normally contain a statement by our expert on the question raised and a recommendation on how to proceed (this part is always as short as possible and gives clients a clear recommendation on how to proceed) as well as a detailed justification of our opinion, including references to the laws or literature used.

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