Microsoft 365

Increase productivity in the office and on the go.

Microsoft 365 simplifies the way your employees communicate, share knowledge, gain business insight and find information. They provide a powerful environment for working on your desktop, on your phone, and in your browser.

They meet the needs of companies of all sizes, from sole traders to small, medium and large businesses and state or local government offices to educational institutions.

Microsoft 365 delivers a range of benefits for businesses of all sizes. One of the key benefits is the lack of the need to invest in your own IT infrastructure, which leads to savings. Instead, the costs associated with using Microsoft 365 are based on the number of users, ensuring transparent and predictable monthly costs. This ensures that modern technology is affordable even for smaller companies that might otherwise have limited options for advanced tools. The cloud nature of the solution also eliminates the risk of downtime and outages associated with in-house operations.

Microsoft 365 allows for immediate deployment of new features, which is especially important as a business expands and needs to respond quickly to new challenges. The flexibility of this solution allows you to work from any location, which is increasingly important these days. At the same time, it offers rich collaboration capabilities through video conferencing and data sharing with colleagues and customers, promoting effective communication and teamwork.

Microsoft 365 features

  • Exchange Online – hosted solution for email, calendar and contacts with antivirus and antispam control.
  • SharePoint Online – hosted solution for creating intranet and extranet sites to connect colleagues, teams, partners and customers.
  • Microsoft Office – the world’s most widely used suite of office applications.
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