Valuation of business/plant, intangible assets, financial assets, etc.

Valuation of various forms of property is required by individuals and organisations alike from time to time. The reasons for determining the value of these assets can be diverse.

We recognise that ascertaining the precise value of your business or financial assets is crucial for your strategic decisions, legal proceedings, or economic planning. Our team boasts a wealth of experience and expertise in this field, positioning us as your trusted partner for all your valuation needs.

The most common reasons for valuation include:

  • Transfers of assets between related parties.
  • Non-cash deposits.
  • Company transformation and restructuring.
  • Litigation, arbitration, settlement.
  • Acquisitions/divestment.
  • Insolvency, reorganisation, restructuring.
  • Squeeze-outs, takeover bids, public bids.
  • Requirements of the Investment Companies and Investment Funds Act.
  • Asking a bank for a loan.
  • Auctions.
  • and other reasons.

What you can expect from us

Our extensive experience encompasses valuing a wide range of assets for various purposes. Should you require valuation services, particularly for the following assets/liabilities, please feel free to contact us with confidence.

  • A business/plant or part of a business/plant.
  • Shares, business interest.
  • Real estate of any kind.
  • Collections of receivables.
  • Valuation of other types of assets and liabilities.
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Rudolf Hájek

Senior Manager – Business Valuation
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Jiří Skotnica

Head of Valuation
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